North Carolina weather is really tough on roofs. Between oppressively hot summers and freezing-cold winters the onslaught doesn’t give. The past few years we have seen extreme storms that beat and destroy even some of the strongest roofs. Olmstead Homesteads is a trusted Cary roofing contractor. If you’re looking to repair a  leaking roof or replace a worn-out roof our expert crew will handle the job with care.

Repairing or replacing your roof is one of the most important investments you can make in your home. The facts are clear, and the folks at Realtor Magazine have the numbers to back it up. In their survey, they found,

“When you look at intersection of buyer appeal, cost, return, and owner joy, a new roof appears to be the smartest remodeling investment. A home, after all, is first and foremost a shelter.”

New Roof Is Greatest Remodeling Value, December 9, 2015

The experts a Trulia agree that a new roof is one of the top questions home buyers ask about. Everyone dreads a roofing job because it is so expensive. But home owners typically recoup about sixty to seventy percent of the money put into the roof upon selling. Your Cary roofing contractor knows the trends buyers are looking for and longest-lasting options for homeowners.

Homeowners have so many choices of materials for roofing.

Of course, there are many factors to consider:

  • Cost
  • Existing roof
  • Home’s style
  • Community restriction
  • Building codes
  • Climate


That multi-million dollar home looks great, but you may balk at the price when you look at the price tag for that luxury roofing material. Olmstead Homesteads can find the high-quality roofing materials for your project that fit your budget.

Existing Roof

Your existing roof affects the choice of the roofing material. Of course, this is most important when repairing a damaged section of  roof or tying in an extension or remodel. Homeowners want a material that looks like or compliments their roof. Even when replacing the entire roof, homeowners should consider whether a dramatic change will sit well once it’s installed on their home.

Home’s Style

Likewise, homeowners should consider their home’s style when choosing a roofing material. Olmstead Homesteads offers design service to guide homeowners through the choices with an educated eye that knows the available products and why they would or wouldn’t fit the home’s style.

Community Restrictions

Many neighborhoods in and around Cary have restrictions that direct design choices. Your homeowners association or community bylaws may prohibit certain roofing materials and styles or require approval for changes to your roof. Our designers can work with the homeowner to explore options that fit the community’s style.

Building Codes

Our state and local building codes also restrict the types of material builders can install on homeowners’ roofs. As a licensed contractor, Olmstead Homesteads works with local agencies to make certain our roofs meet local codes.


North Carolina stretches from the mountains to the coast. Cary sits right in the middle. We get icy winters and humid summers. Not every roofing material is suitable for these extremes. Homeowners want their roofs to keep looking good for years to come. As a Cary roofing contractor, Olmstead Homesteads helps homeowners consider ongoing costs and maintainability of the options.

Choosing Roofing Materials

What roofing material is right for your home?

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